Foodbox contents

• UHT Milk (Long Life)
• Squash
• Fruit Juice (Long life)
• Sugar
• Meat (tinned)
• Fish (tinned)
• Biscuits (large or small packet)
• Spaghetti (tinned)
• Breakfast Cereal
• Soup
• Tomatoes (tinned)
• Tinned Vegetables
• Instant Mash Potato

• Fruit (tinned)
• Rice Pudding (tinned)
• Sponge Pudding
• Pasta
• Cooking Sauces (tins, packets or jars)
• Tea Bags
• Baked Beans
• Chocolate Bar (single bars or multipacks)
• Coffee (instant)
• Jam
• Custard

Please note, we only provide non-perishable food because we do not have facilities for preserving fresh produce.

Please help us by ensuring that donated food is within its “use-by” date, since anything date-expired cannot be used.