Food Bank

Emergency food for local people in crisis

The purpose of Melksham Foodbank is to provide practical short term help to a person or a family in need during the short interval between a need or problem arising and Social Services organising the benefits. This is done by supplying a food parcel containing sufficient food basics for 3 days. This will allow the person or family concerned to concentrate on resolving their problem (in conjunction with the appropriate agencies) without them also having to worry about their food needs.

Melksham Foodbank is a scheme run under the auspices of the Melksham Family of Churches by a small team of volunteers. We provide the food parcels but rely on recognised ‘agencies’ who operate in this sphere to identify those in need and to supply them with a parcel.

We provide two types of food parcel, one for a single person and one for families. Depending on anticipated demand, some agencies may hold a food box in readiness (some may hold more than one) so that a food box may be released with minimal delay.

We are open for collection of food boxes and receipt of donated items:-


1.30 to 3.30pm except Bank Holidays


10.00 to 12.00 noon

Who are appropriate agencies?

We are grateful for the generous support of people from Melksham and the surrounding area over the last 10 years, as are the families and individuals who have received foodboxes in that time.